transparency & accountability

Products that are built on trust and accountability

Feel assured of using earth-friendly products as you wade through a modern world. It’s a transparent deal as you can track the life cycle of each product using the QR code. You also get a chance to win incentives on subsequent purchases if you choose to return the product to us after extensive use. We give it a new life and help to contribute to a sustainable future.

Resource stewardship

As caretakers of our earth it is our duty to ensure the resources are used responsibly. With our own blockchain based technology, we manage the resource stewardship across product lifecycle.


Each product tells their story of making, safety certificates, sustainability footprint, usage and disposal guidelines. With our proprietary technology, you will have authentic information.


Sustainability goals cannot be achieve without accountability across the supply chain. You can now view your contribution to save the planet and participate in our return to recycle program.

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