If you purchase our products on other websites such as amazon, flipkart, please refer to their shipping terms.

How long does it take to ship things?

It completely depends where you stay. We list the products that are ready to be dispatched immediately. Once we share the courier tracking details after purchase, you can track its delivery.

How do we deliver the orders

We deliver your orders through our registered courier partners. The products are packed to ensure there is no damage to the product and our planet.

Is your order eligible for free shipping

To the best of our knowledge, there is no concept of free shipping. Shipping cost depends on the product, distance, speed and quality of the service. We chose to share the shipping cost transparently with you instead of including them in the product cost.

How can you track your order

Once your order is shipped, the reference number and our courier partner name will be shared with you. Please visit the courier partner’s website to track the current location of your shipment and expected date of delivery.

Should you have any questions about your order dispatch, you can contact us.

What if you are not around when we deliver

Our delivery partners will try thrice, then it’ll come back to us and your order will stand cancelled, Please ensure you provide the complete & accurate shipping address including zip code and a mobile number. This will help us in delivering your order faster.

What about cash on delivery

For the products that are eligible for cash on delivery, you will see the option while placing the order.

When is your product eligible for return?

Your purchase is eligible for return only if it meets the following conditions:

If an incorrect product was delivered to you, i.e. the product does not match the item description mentioned on the website or wrong product is delivered.

If the product you receive has a genuine quality or manufacturing defect or damage.

If your purchase meets our return criteria as stated above, please email us at [email protected] within 48 hours of delivery with the following information:

– Order number

– Delivery address

– Specify the reason for the return, and in case of defective or incorrect product, please send us an image of the item

If there is a genuine defect in the product, we’d be happy to exchange your product with a replacement or a different product of the same value or refund your order amount within 10 working days after the product is returned to us.

Can I request to replace the product I receive?

Your purchase is eligible for replacement only if it meets the following conditions:

If an incorrect product was delivered to you, i.e. the product does not match the item description mentioned on the website or wrong product is delivered.

If the product you receive has a genuine quality or manufacturing defect or damage.

If your purchase meets our replacement criteria as stated above, please email us at [email protected] within 48 hours of delivery with the following information:

– Order number

– Delivery address

– Specify the reason for the return, and in case of defective or incorrect product, please send us an image of the item

Under certain circumstances, if we are unable to provide you with replacement against your ordered product, then we will notify you, and thereafter will process your refund, a credit of the paid amount will reflect in the original mode of payment within 10 working days from the date when the products are returned to our address. In case of COD (Cash on Delivery) order, the refund will be made only in the form of credit coupon of the same value.

How do I return?

After submitting your return confirmation to us, we will arrange for a pick up from the same address within 5 working days to which the product was shipped. Please put the product in its original packaging and seal it well and send it across. Please ensure that the product is unused, not damaged and all the tags and bar codes, invoice slips are intact at the time of return.

How do I return the product to recycle

You will receive a QR code with the product when purchased, which can be used to register the product with your name. After extensive use, we encourage you to return the product to recycle by logging into our website, where you will be provided with the option to submit your return for recycle. Follow the instructions provided at the time of submitting your return for recycle.

Should I return the product if the package was tampered

We advise you to not accept the package if it appears to be tampered at the time of delivery

What are the lead times for returns process

You should inform us within 48 hours of receiving the product.

Pickup will be arranged by us within 5 working days of confirming the return. Refund will be processed within 10 days of us receiving the product at our address.


Most frequent questions related to our products

Are the products unbreakable?

Not unless you run a truck over them. For their intended use, the products do not break. Not to worry, they also take few drops just in case.

How long does the products take to degrade?

The turtle products are not biodegradable. The beetle products degrade in naturally and the duration entirely depends on the product profile and where you discard them. Beetle products are digested by microorganisms in the presence of moisture and oxygen – all of them readily available in nature. As an example, the spoons will disappear within 2 months in a well maintained home compost. Products that are larger take a little longer, but definitely much sooner than plastics do.

Where are the products made?

All products, including the material used for making the products are manufactured in India. While the material is made in our Bangalore facility, the products are moulded by our partners based across India.

What is the shelf-life of the products

The turtle collection of products have a very long shelf just life like steel and plastic if they are taken good care.

Unlike most other biodegradable products, our Beetle collection of products can be reused many times before they are disposed. The life of the product depends on number of factors such as humidity, temperature and moisture. Like many other natural products such as leather, wood, which tend to age under different conditions, our Beetle collection of products also undergo aging process as they are made up of natural ingredients. However, they last for few years if they are taken good care.

What are the ingredients used to make eha products

Our beetle products are usually 100% bio based, containing renewable resource such as bamboo fibers, rice husk, coffee husk and starch.

Our turtle products contain up-to 50% renewable resources such as bamboo, rice husk and coffee husk. The remaining 50% of the material is food contact safe binders and additives.

We do not use melamine, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.

How are eha product different from melamine products

There are growing concerns about the harmful chemicals used in melamine products worldwide. Melamine has low heat stability, resulting in harmful chemicals to leech into the hot food or drinks served in them causing serious health hazard. Melamine products are also made with a very long cycle of heating process resulting in high energy consumption. They are not safe for microwave use.

Our products do not contain harmful chemicals. They have much better heat stability compared to melamine products, and hence safe to use in microwave and dishwashers. Unlike melamine products, our products can be either recycled or composted at their end of life.

How are eha products different to moulded bamboo products sold by others?

Many pretty looking, moulded bamboo products sold in the market contain melamine and formaldehyde, which are carcinogenic and harmful.

We do not use melamine or formaldehyde in our products and they are absolutely safe to use in food contact.

Where do you source your renewable materials from?

We source our renewable materials sustainably from farmers and the industries. They are usually residual agri-waste from agricultural and industrial activity.

Can I use scrubs to wash?

The products are made with natural fibers. Using scrubs may result in the products aging sooner than desired. You may relate this to using scrubs on your clothes made of linen or cotton. We advise you to avoid using harsh scrubs while washing.

Can the products be washed in dishwasher?

The turtle collection of products are tested and certified safe to use in dishwashers as per European standards. We recommend placing the products on top rack. We suggest hand wash only for beetle collection of products. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Wipe it dry with a cloth after wash.

Can I use them in microwave

The turtle collection of products are tested and certified safe to use in microwave as per European standards. Based on our internal tests, we find the beetle collection of products suitable for reheat purpose in microwave.

Are the products food contact safe

Yes, our products that are intended to come in contact with food are food contact safe. The Turtle collection of products are certified safe as per US, Europe and Indian standards. The Beetle collection of products are certified safe as per Indian standards, while the testing is underway as per European and US standards.

How are the products compared to wooden products?

Our products are made from residual crop-waste, and we do not use toxic chemicals. Our products have better carbon footprint, conserve resources with least wastage in comparison to many wooden products.

Trees are felled to make wooden products. Up-to 90% of wood gets wasted in making the finished products. Many wooden products, especially cutlery items were found to be coated with toxic chemicals that easily leach into food. We encourage the use of wood for products having long life that helps sequester carbon for a period that is longer than the age of the tree (e.g. furniture).

Can I use the houseware products for feeding our kids?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. the products are safe for food contact use.

How are the products better than plastic products?

Plastic is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. They are versatile, durable, economical and scalable. Hence they are ubiquitous – found in protecting our food, improving our healthcare solutions, support consumers and industries in many ways. However, they are made from fossil resources and its use as disposable product results in significant environmental concerns, which outweighs its benefits.

Our products and services enable us to reduce carbon footprint, conserve resources and prevent plastic pollution – compared to the traditional plastic products. Our products achieve this by using natural fibers derived from agri-waste. The products also have better strength and heat stability compared to plastic.

Why plastics are used in making few eha products?

Plastic pollution is one of the key environmental hazard we face, however plastics are one of the best innovations of mankind. Hence they are used in healthcare, food safety and many more critical applications. Food safe plastics used in our turtle products helps reduce carbon footprint, ensure safety of its intended use and reusable. With our returns to recycle program, we encourage our customers to help us recycle the products and prevent plastic pollution.


Most frequent questions related to our services

Can I become distributor of your products

Winning with partnership is one of our key principles. We can certainly explore the engagement.

How do you ensure product information is accurate?

We collect data at every stage of the product making, which is recorded in our system built to provide greater transparency, enhanced security and improved traceability. We conduct regular physical audits to ensure the data captured is accurate, as we understand the importance of creating trust in the product with authentic information.

How do you recycle the products returned to you?

Our turtle collection of products will be re-moulded into different products giving them a new life. Our beetle collection of products will be either remoulded into new products or safely composted by us depending on the condition of the returned product.

Would you use our agri-waste to make products

We have experience of working with bamboo, rice husk, coffee husk, barley husk, wheat straw, wood waste to name a few. If you have specific agri-waste from your farming or industrial activity, you may reach out to us to check the possibility of converting them to useful products.

Can we use our existing moulds made for plastic?

Yes. Most moulds suitable for making plastic products can be used with some limitations. Reach out to us if you wish to explore the possibility to use your moulds and partner with us.


Most frequent questions related to our toothbrush

Why is the eha toothbrush so special?

When you use an eha toothbrush, you elevate your contribution to the planet, you engage with farmers and the rural community, you experience a safe and superior quality product and finally, you can trust a product that comes with authentic information about its making and benefits. When you subscribe to using an eha toothbrush, you will become part of a revolutionary ecosystem of circular bio-economy that promises to create a carbon neutral lifestyle for every individual and hence reduce climate change. The eha toothbrushes are completely made in India with proprietary and patented technology developed over many years – right from material research, product design to finally, manufacturing and packaging.

How is the eha toothbrush better than wood or bamboo toothbrushes?

eha toothbrushes are made from agri-waste and fast-renewables, while wooden and bamboo toothbrushes result in tree cutting. More than 60% of the wood or bamboo is wasted in making the finished product. Since wood and bamboo are susceptible to moisture, microbes and fungus, they are often coated with toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and boric acid to increase their shelf life. Comfort and durability are clearly better with eha toothbrushes.

Is the eha toothbrush approved by Dentists?

Right from the concept, we have designed eha toothbrushes based on the guidelines provided by Indian Dental Association (IDA) and American Dental Association (ADA). One of the torch bearers in our team is a qualified Dentist, specialised in prosthodonitcs and implantology, with over 20 years of experience. The design of the toothbrush handle, the selection of bristles and their layout has been developed in consultation with the global industry leaders. We have also taken inputs from our customised global survey on user preference for an outstanding toothbrush. We are clearly creating a new benchmark.

What is the social impact of eha toothbrushes?

By using agri-waste in our products, we are creating additional value to these otherwise discarded or burnt resources enabling farmers and the farming community to have additional income. Since our manufacturing is primarily in rural areas, it creates additional employment there.

What is the ecological impact of eha toothbrushes?

By using agri-waste, agro-industrial waste and forest waste in eha toothbrushes, we reduce carbon footprint and conserve resources. Because eha toothbrush-handles degrade naturally, and with our complete circular loop service-offering, we prevent pollution. We have a near zero waste manufacturing facility with lowest consumption of water and energy. No toxic chemicals are used or discharged at our manufacturing facility.

What are the eha toothbrush’s bristles made of:

Our bristles are made from sustainably sourced castor bean oil. While they are made from renewable resources, they should not be mistaken to be biodegradable. Since naturally degradable alternatives do not provide enough durability, comfort and also compromise oral health and hygiene, we decided not to use them. We also ruled out the option of using boar-hair based bristles as we are committed to vegan solutions. We are constantly working on better alternatives that are bio-based, naturally degradable, durable and comfortable. Please reach out to us if you have suggestions.

Is the eha toothbrush-handle made from plastic?

The term ”plastic” is derived from the Greek word ”plastikos”, meaning fit for moulding. They are often incorrectly viewed as materials made with toxic chemicals and/or those that do not breakdown easily when discarded and hence pile-up landfills and pollute oceans. eha toothbrushes are moulded like other plastics, however they do not contain toxic chemicals and they breakdown naturally, just like wood and bamboo. Since we use agri-waste and fast-renewables along with compostable and food-safe binders to make eha toothbrushes, we ensure you have the safest toothbrushes, which also contribute to reduced carbon footprint, reduced resource consumption and pollution prevention.

How long do eha toothbrushes take to degrade?

The materials used and the design of the product ensures faster degradation in a composting environment. In a well maintained home-compost, the eha toothbrush breaks down within 3 months; faster than bamboo or wood. In order to accelerate degradation, we recommend that you break the eha toothbrush-handle into smaller pieces before throwing them in a compost. Since the bristles are not biodegradable, they should be separated from the eha toothbrush and discarded with other recyclable waste. You can also return the used eha toothbrushes to us and we can take care of the composting. Click here to see the simple process to return the used eha toothbrushes.

Is it safe and hygienic to use eha toothbrushes made from agri-waste?

Yes, absolutely ! We have verified this by testing for food contact safety, with temperatures as high as 70 Degree C. We extract natural fibers from agri-waste mechanically, without using any chemicals. We further process them at a high temperature and bind them with food contact safe binders before moulding them into finished products. This process ensures that eha toothbrushes are safe, sustainable and superior in quality.

How frequently should I change the eha toothbrush?

Dentists recommend that toothbrushes, in general, be changed, at least, once in three months. This is however subject to your tooth layout and toothbrushing habits. You should definitely consider changing the eha toothbrush when the bristles begin to bend and soften. We have used the best-in-class bristles that offer best comfort and durability.

Why don’t eha toothbrushes have charcoal infused bristles?

Based on our research, opinions from senior dentists and industry experts, we are not convinced that these highly marketed charcoal infused bristles carry more value. We would like to remain true to our customers by offering the value that we can associate ourselves with. Our bristles are sourced from a global leader, they are either soft or medium and are just as good as they are needed for your daily use.

How can the eha toothbrushes be returned back?

You may choose one of the following options to return the used eha toothbrushes back to us to ensure their end of life is handled well. We will either compost them at our center or recycle them into completely different products such as planter-pots.

Option 1: Return it back to us by post through a self-addressed envelope.

Option 2: Check this link to find your nearest drop-box location.

Whats the best way to safely dispose the used eha toothbrushes?

The best option is to return the used eha toothbrushes, back to us, in a self-addressed envelope included in the package. If you choose to dispose them at your end, we recommend you use a pair of pliers to remove the bristles from the head of the eha toothbrush and remove the small metal staples that are used to clamp the bristles to the handle. The eha toothbrush-handle can either be reused or thrown in a composting bin. Please dispose off the nylon bristles in your household dry-waste or contact your local recycling facility, to see if there’s a solution for recycling the bristles. If removing the bristles is too much work, then snap off the eha toothbrush’s head and dispose it, before composting the handle.

What do you do with the used / returned eha toothbrushes?

We give them new life by moulding them at high temperatures into products such as planter pots, packaging containers etc. They are not used again to make toothbrushes or products that come into contact with food.

What happens if the eha toothbrushes are thrown into the garbage.?

In case the eha toothbrushes are thrown into garbage, they are processed by your city municipality as per their respective waste management protocol. Since the eha toothbrushes are designed to degrade naturally, they are not suitable for recycling at the standard recycling centers. If they end up in a landfill, they would degrade much sooner than plastics do.

How are the different colours on the eha toothbrush obtained?

Nature offers us so many beautiful colours that come in different forms. We have used many such forms of colours available in different natural fibers such as bamboo, coffee, rice-husk to produce the colours you see on eha toothbrushes.

How are the eha toothbrushes packaged?

The eha toothbrushes are either packed in recycled paper or in a custom-made travel pack made with our own sustainable material from agri-waste.

How can I place a bulk/wholesale order?

Please write to our customer services team at [email protected] and our team will assist you with this.

Where is eha based?

We are based in Bangalore, India. The material research, product design and manufacturing activities are carried out in Bangalore and Mysore, in the state of Karnataka.