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Serving Bowl

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inspired by nature

products that are inspired and made from elements of nature.

goodness of rice

rice is the best, the most nutritive, and unquestionably the most widespread staple in the world. Products with rice husk & straw encourage farmers to stop crop-burning & protect our planet.

fragrance of coffee

most people wake up to the fragrance of coffee. Coffee is the most popular beverage with many benefits for healthy living. Products made with coffee husk make every morning a sustainable one.

strength of bamboo

bamboo is a magical plant that grows faster and absorbs more CO2 than any other species. Its strength is compared to that of steel. Products made with bamboo offer the best carbon footprint.

committed to sustainable outcome

creating meaningful impact with one product at a time
tons of CO2 reduced

identical to avoiding emissions from 550 cars in a year

tons of waste upcycled

31 M tons of solid waste is landfilled each year in India

tons of crop-waste used

comparable to preventing 100 acres of crop burning

tons of fossil plastic reduced

that’s how much 20,000 adults consume plastic in a year

our 4e promise

happiness for our homes, communities and our planet.

elevate our lives
by caring for the world

your love for the Earth is seen in the little steps that you take to mitigate climate change. eha is one such step. eha products are born from the credo to reduce, reuse and recycle.

engage with communities
for their well being

somewhere in a tiny hamlet of India, a farmer is smiling because you bought an eha product. These products are made from responsibly sourced agri-waste materials.

experience the benefits of superior products

the natural texture and shades of eha products are designed to sync with your refined taste. They add to your memorable choices, make you feel happy for owning it.

ensure transparency & accountability

feel assured of using earth-friendly products as you wade through a modern world. It’s a transparent deal as you can track the life cycle of each product using the QR code.

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