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eha is your guilt-free choice to achieve a balance between modern living and sustainable practices. eha products are inspired and designed by the principles of circular and green economy that ensures reduction of carbon emission, conservation of resources and social inclusion. eha commits to upcycling waste into high quality lifestyle products by creating value and sharing them with stakeholders across value chain.

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committed to meaningful outcomes

change for good is a continuous journey. we are determined to make consistent progress while meticulously documenting performance along the way.


tons of CO2 reduced

identical to avoiding emissions from 550 cars in a year


tons of waste upcycled

31 M tons of solid waste is landfilled each year in India


tons of crop-waste used

comparable to preventing 100 acres of crop burning


tons of fossil plastic reduced

that’s how much 20,000 adults consume plastic in a year


plant the right way to nurture sustainability

get ready to bring the green revolution to your home and garden! our climate-positive planters are not only stunning to look at but also lock carbon from the atmosphere. whether you're looking for a chic addition to your living room or a pop of color for your outdoor space, eha planters are the perfect combination of convenience and style.

made with crop-waste

eha products use 2nd generation feedstock to upcycle waste and create value

goodness of rice

rice is the best, the most nutritive, and unquestionably the most widespread staple in the world. Products with rice husk & straw encourage farmers to stop crop-burning & protect our planet.

fragrance of coffee

most people wake up to the fragrance of coffee. Coffee is the most popular beverage with many benefits for healthy living. Products made with coffee husk make every morning a sustainable one.

strength of bamboo

bamboo is a magical plant that grows faster and absorbs more CO2 than any other species. Its strength is compared to that of steel. Products made with bamboo offer the best carbon footprint.

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Top 10 Sustainable
Materials Innovation

our mynusco biocomposite material is amongst the top 10 list for last 3 consecutive years.

Meaningful Business

recognised for combining profit and purpose to help achieve the UN global goals.


leadership in sustainability

leading the change from research to realizing meaningful impact.

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