happiness for our homes, communities and our planet.

eha is so much more than just a product. It is an opportunity for every individual to take little steps in protecting the lives, communities and the planet at large.

when you buy an eha product, you reduce climate change, support development of communities and protect your loved ones with transparency and trust.

eha products are investment for our sustainable future. It helps our next generations to inherit good earth from us.


our 4e promise

1. elevate

your love for the earth is seen in the little steps that you take to mitigate climate change. eha is one such step. eha products are born from the credo to reduce, reuse and recycle. the joy you’ll cherish by aligning to guilt free products is truly elevating and long lasting.


reduce CO2 footprint

with every eha product you purchase, you reduce carbon footprint. by using renewable material, CO2 footprint is reduced. the carbon stored in the agri-waste is sequestered as long as the products are in use.

conserve resources

by using residual agri-waste, we reduce the consumption of forest and fossil resources. we do not fell trees to make the products. when the products are recycled after use, they further help conserve resources.

prevent pollution

when you return the products back to us after their extensive use, we give them a new life and prevent them from polluting the environment. the beetle collection of products can also be discarded safely at the compost.

2. engage

somewhere in a tiny hamlet of india, a farmer is smiling because you bought an eha product. these products are made from responsibly sourced agri-waste materials. so, you’re actually engaging with the rural communities that help in the sourcing of these materials and hence contributing to a circular economy.


crop-waste from farmers

crop-burning in india emits as much carbon as it does from the automotive emissions. by using these resources we reduce carbon footprint and generate additional income to the farmers.

crop-waste from factories

as much as 90% of agri-resources are wasted during the manufacturing of various products. by using these resources we create additional value to the industries and encourage them further.

fast renewables & forest waste

bamboo fibers, starch, pine needles and similar fast-renewable resources are used from forest and farm lands. we aim to make products that has life longer than it takes for the plants to store equivalent carbon.

3. experience

the natural texture and shades of eha products are designed to sync with your refined taste. they add to your memorable choices, make you feel happy for owning it as a part of your everyday life. treat your friends and families with goodness of eha products.


how it feels

the pastel and natural colours, and the texture of the products will certainly take you and your friends using them closer to nature. the embedded fibers that are visible on the surface are rice husk, coffee husk, bamboo fibers derived from agri-waste.

how it smells

the products have a natural flavour to them. try our products made with coffee husk - with or without the coffee served in them, they fill your surroundings with the smell of strong coffee. products made with other agri-waste have related natural flavour.

your safety is our priority

all the products are tested to be safe for their intended use as per international standards. each product carries details about its test certificates and usage guidelines, which can be easily accessed by scanning the QR code provided with the product.

4. ensure

feel assured of using earth-friendly products as you wade through a modern world. it’s a transparent deal as you can track the life cycle of each product using the qr code. you also get a chance to win incentives on subsequent purchases if you choose to return the product to us after extensive use. we give it a new life and help to contribute to a sustainable future.


resource stewardship

as caretakers of our earth it is our duty to ensure the resources are used responsibly. with our own blockchain based technology, we manage the resource stewardship across product lifecycle.


each product tells their story of making, safety certificates, sustainability footprint, usage and disposal guidelines. with our proprietary technology, you will have authentic information.


sustainability goals cannot be achieve without accountability across the supply chain. you can now view your contribution to save the planet and participate in our return to recycle program.

ensure safety of your loved ones

get authentic information

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