Our Materials: Biocomposites

Eha products are made with a wide range of biocomposite materials from Mynusco. Our Beetle collection of products are made with Mynusco BioPur materials that are biodegradable and can be composted at the end of its use. Our Turtle collection of products are made with Mynusco BioDur materials that are very durable and can be recycled at the end of their extensive use.

Our biocomposite materials are made with sustainably sourced crop-residue and fast-renewables from farms and factories nearby. They enable us to reduce carbon footprint, conserve resources and adopt circular principles for our products. They are certified safe as per international standards for their intended use.

Materials to realize circular goals

Circularity is the foundation for all of our products – all the way from concept to its end of life. Mynusco biocomposites enable us to achieve circularity in our products for two clearly distinct end of life – recycling and composting.

Mynusco BioPur for beetle collection

our beetle collection of products are made with Mynusco BioPur materials. They are made from up-to 100% bio-based crop-residue, fast-renewables and compostable binders. They degrade naturally in-home or garden compost at the end of their current use.

Mynusco BioDur for turtle collection

our turtle collection of products are made with Mynusco BioDur materials. They are made from up-to 80% bio-based crop-residue, fast-renewables and binders safe for their intended use. They are made to last longer and are suitable for recycling at their extensive use.

inspired by nature

biocomposite materials used in our products are inspired and made from elements of nature.


goodness of rice

rice is the best, the most nutritive, and unquestionably the most widespread staple in the world. Products with rice husk & straw encourage farmers to stop crop-burning & protect our planet.

fragrance of coffee

most people wake up to the fragrance of the coffee. Coffee is the most popular beverage with many benefits for a healthy living. Products made with coffee husk make every morning a sustainable one.

strength of bamboo

bamboo is a magical plant that grows faster and absorbs more CO2 than any other species. Their strength is compared to that of steel. Products made with bamboo offer the best carbon footprint.

Sourced sustainably

Biocomposite materials used in our products are made from responsibly sourced crop-waste and fast-renewable materials.

crop-waste from farmers

Crop-burning in India emits as much carbon as it does from the automotive emissions. By using these resources we reduce carbon footprint and generate additional income to the farmers.

crop-waste from factories

As much as 90% of agri-resources are wasted during the manufacturing of various products. By using these resources we create additional value to the industries and encourage them further.

fast renewables & forest waste

Bamboo fibers, starch, pine needles and similar fast-renewable resources are used from forest and farm lands. We aim to make products that has life longer than it takes for the plants to store equivalent carbon.

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