Biocomposites: Our biomaterials

We have one of the widest range of biocomposite materials with up to 100% bio-content. They are either recyclable or biodegradable at home and industrial compost. Suitable for different manufacturing processes with different properties and aesthetics. We can further customize our biocomposites to your specific needs.

Our 4e Promise

1. elevate

Your love for the Earth is seen in the little steps that you take to mitigate climate change. eha is one such step. eha products are born from the credo to reduce, reuse and recycle. The joy you’ll cherish by aligning to guilt free products is truly elevating and long lasting.

the compostable choice for products that have a short shelf life

beetle collection

use of plastics in single-use and disposable products has grown in the last couple of decades due to its versatility, lightweight, and cost-effectiveness.
developed with circularity principles, our beetle collection of products is made with crop-residue and compostable binders that reduce carbon footprint. They degrade naturally in-home or garden compost at the end of their current use.
here is your guilt-free choice to transform your disposables and short-shelf life products.
products made for extensive use and recycled after use

turtle collection

turtle's collection of products offers the best choice to reduce your carbon footprint in your products at home.
developed with circularity principles, our turtle collection of products is made with crop-residue and food contact safe binders that reduce the use of resources and carbon footprint. They are made to last longer and are suitable for recycling at their extensive use.
here is your climate-friendly choice to transform your homes.

inspired by nature

products that are inspired and made from elements of nature

goodness of rice

rice is the best, the most nutritive, and unquestionably the most widespread staple in the world. Products with rice husk & straw encourage farmers to stop crop-burning & protect our planet.

fragrance of coffee

most people wake up to the fragrance of the coffee. Coffee is the most popular beverage with many benefits for a healthy living. Products made with coffee husk make every morning a sustainable one.

strength of bamboo

bamboo is a magical plant that grows faster and absorbs more CO2 than any other species. Their strength is compared to that of steel. Products made with bamboo offer the best carbon footprint.

based on sustainable

Somewhere in a tiny hamlet of India, a farmer is smiling because you bought an eha product. These products are made from responsibly sourced agri-waste materials. So, you’re actually engaging with the rural communities that help in the sourcing of these materials and hence contributing to a circular economy.

crop-waste from farmers

Crop-burning in India emits as much carbon as it does from the automotive emissions. By using these resources we reduce carbon footprint and generate additional income to the farmers.

crop-waste from factories

As much as 90% of agri-resources are wasted during the manufacturing of various products. By using these resources we create additional value to the industries and encourage them further.

fast renewables & forest waste

Bamboo fibers, starch, pine needles and similar fast-renewable resources are used from forest and farm lands. We aim to make products that has life longer than it takes for the plants to store equivalent carbon.

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