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benefits of superior products

Enjoy the nature's beauty in our everyday products

The natural texture and shades of eha products are designed to sync with your refined taste. They add to your memorable choices, make you feel happy for owning it as a part of your everyday life. Serve the most sumptuous snacks, curries and desserts in eha houseware.

How it feels

The pastel and natural colours, and the texture of the products will certainly take you and your friends using them closer to nature. The embedded fibers that are visible on the surface are rice husk, coffee husk, bamboo fibers derived from agri-waste.

How it smells

The products have a natural flavour to them. Try our products made with coffee husk - with or without the coffee served in them, they fill your surroundings with the smell of strong coffee. Products made with other agri-waste have related natural flavour.​

What about safety

All the products are tested to be safe for their intended use as per international standards. Each product carries details about its test certificates and usage guidelines, which can be easily accessed by scanning the QR code provided with the product.

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