engage with communities
for their well being

Support communities that work for sustainable cause

Somewhere in a tiny hamlet of India, a farmer is smiling because you bought an eha product. These products are made from responsibly sourced agri-waste materials. So, you’re actually engaging with the rural communities that help in the sourcing of these materials and hence contributing to a circular economy.

Agri-waste from farming

Crop-burning in India emits as much carbon as it does from the automotive emissions. By using these resources we reduce carbon footprint and generate additional income to the farmers.

Crop-waste from industries

As much as 90% of agri-resources are wasted during the manufacturing of various products. By using these resources we create additional value to the industries and encourage them further.

Fast renewables & forest waste

Bamboo fibers, starch and similar fast-renewable resources are used from forest and farm lands. We aim to make products that has life longer than it takes for the plants to store equivalent carbon.

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