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Why reusable products are better than single use

Why reusable products are better than single use

Why reusable products are better than single-use

If we started using reusable cups, mugs, and plates, we won’t have to clean up single-use plastic waste anymore that takes thousands of years to decompose. Various international organisations are calling for an end to single-use plastics and we are one of the few that provides such immediate solutions to make our planet green and clean. Adopting reusables is one of the main solutions and developing a circular economy in reusables is pivotal to this solution. Replacing single-use plastic products with another single-use product is not the solution, and reusables are the only way.

Most of the single-use products used today have a higher carbon footprint and deplete resources much faster than making these products reusable and recyclable. On the other hand, reusable products reduce the carbon footprint every time the product is reused as long as the product is used. Further, if the materials can be recycled during the product’s life it completes the full chain of resource stewardship in a circular fashion.

We believe for reusable cups, mugs, and plates to be truly sustainable, they should:

  • Be made from as much renewable or recycled material as possible.
  • Last a long time!
  • Be seamless to recycle into new products once you’re done with it.

Our reusable cups, mugs & plates are made from crop-residue and food contact safe binders. We’ve designed these products in a way that repurposes crop waste that would otherwise be discarded or burnt into a valuable and useful product. Further, they minimise the creation of new waste after the product has served its purpose as the materials can be recycled or repurposed again.

We feel that choosing to produce and use products designed in this way is something we all need to start doing if we want to clean up this lovely planet of ours for good. And this is what ‘going circular’, and moving towards a circular economy is all about.