Top 5 symptoms of a hard brusher

In a recently conducted survey we learnt that more than 10% of the people change their brushes every month as their brush do not last longer. Many believe that brushing well means vigorously rubbing away the dirt. Very few know that brushing hard results in permanent and irreversible damage to their teeth and gums!

Listed here are few symptoms of a hard brusher. See if you are one of them –

  1. If you hold your brush firm and rigid in your palm, you are usually a hard brusher. Brushing gently with the fingertips ensures there is no harsh pressure on your teeth.
  2. If your bristles look destroyed in less than 3 months, then you are usually a hard brusher. The bristles are usually designed to last 3 months with gentle brushing. If they wear out sooner, it may be due to hard brushing or you may be using too soft bristles.
  3. If you brushing pattern is usually horizontal, long strokes, then you are usually a hard brusher. Short strokes in the vertical direction or smaller circular direction reduces the aggression and ensures the brushing is gentle.
  4. What’s running in your mind while brushing. If you hate brushing and often find it frustrating, if you are thinking about your work, a bad experience from the previous day or stressed about running late, you are usually brushing hard. The two minutes you spend while brushing is best when your mind is at peace and it is not distracted with unnecessary thoughts.
  5. Do you notice blood from your mouth while brushing? This can be potentially due to hard brushing that’s too rough on your gums

Use a soft or medium brush, hold them with your fingertips, make gentle short strokes and keep your mind relaxed to have best results while brushing. Keeping your mouth clean does not require one to brush hard. If you notice any of the above symptoms while brushing, we advise you to visit a dentist.