Why to supervise children while brushing

Why Children need supervision while brushing.

With changing lifestyle, food habits and inadequate supervision while brushing, dental problems with children is growing all over the world. Most parents stop supervising their children for tooth brushing long before the age of seven. And here is why supervision of children while tooth brushing is extremely vital for the maintenance of dental as well as overall health of the children.

If the supervision is stopped before the age of 10-12, the motor and mental functions of the child are not developed enough so they won’t be able to adequately brush their teeth alone. It takes a long while for children to develop the right tooth brushing technique. If you don’t supervise your children they will not develop the right brushing technique and oral health skills which might affect them for life time. After all our kids are mirror image of ourselves

Children won’t really learn what you teach them, they just copy whatever you do.

Parents need to stand in front of the mirror and patiently brush so that the kids mimic them. Make brushing the most exciting activity for children. They almost dread it if you don’t supervise your child, and he /she may end up skipping this activity or reducing the duration of brushing immensely.

Establish a good oral hygiene routing for your kid and get them to brush alongside, so they mimic your actions and teach them to brush in the correct manner for proper duration.

Never brush in a rush

Go slow it will make you a pro

Go round & round and up & down, that is how you clean the whole teeth town

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