Do circular bristle layout improve efficiency

Role of Circular bristle layout to improve brushing efficiency

Bristle design and layout plays an important role in ensuring the efficacy of brushing. Companies have different products with varying designs, each claiming to be better than the other. This makes the end consumer confused in selecting the right product for their specific use.


In principle, there are three types of bristle layout – straight, crisscross and circular. Each of these three configurations clean most of the tooth surface well.


Straight bristle configuration has least trauma to the soft tissue and crisscross bristle design promotes good plaque control in hard-to-reach areas but there have been instances reported of trauma to soft tissue leading to gingival recession. If you have dental conditions, it is advised to avoid the crisscross bristles.


The simple yet versatile design of having circular configuration offer both advantage of easy access to hard-to-reach area and being gentle to soft tissues with effective plaque control. Studies have shown that circular configuration improves access to the inner surface of premolars and molar area, distal to wisdom tooth area, upper and lower soft cheek corner, last part of tongue and in general all surfaces of tooth both being gentle and effective.


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