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Our environmentally friendly products in a circular economy

India is a land of surplus biodiversity. It has UNESCO mountain ranges and mangroves. It has several wildlife sanctuaries, reserve forests, and national parks waiting to be explored. It has wide geological variations from plains, and hills to mountains to coastal boundaries; different climatic conditions – desert, arid, tropical, and alpine; However, ecotourism in India is still in infancy. In addition to the challenges of road/rail networks in remote regions and population density, cleanliness is a significant challenge. Littering is a crime according to Indian law but the practice is rampant. Tourists need a high level of environmental awareness to avoid waste disposal during their travels. The common sources of waste production during travel include packaging of food and fluid that is strewn across the landscape despite the major national environmental effort of Swachh Bharat (clean India).  Industries are not adept at providing sustainable packaging for such products that leads to litter on the move.

We, at eha, know that you are a nature-loving traveler having an appetite for the delightful cuisine of Indian land. Our spoons and forks are completely biodegradable and compostable in natural environment. Allowing you a guilt-free journey by using our eco-friendly products that stops you from contaminating the pristine diversity. Buy yourself a set of 100 spoons and forks, and you will be all set to go on your adventure.