plant the right way to nurture sustainability.

use of plastics in garden & nursery has grown in the last couple of decades due to versatility, lightweight and
cost effectiveness.

developed with circularity principles, our planters are made with crop-residue and repurposed binders that reduce use of resources, they are made to last longer and suitable for recycling at their extensive use.

here is your guilt-free choice to make your garden sustainable.

Eco Friendly Pots

    Daisy Planter Pots – Set of 2

    379.00 959.00
    Featuring a simple and symmetrical design for your indoor and outdoor favorites. These daisy planters come in all-natural colours, sure to add to the warmth of your home.

    Deco Planter Pots – Set of 2

    329.00 1,149.00
    Introducing a contemporary touch to your garden and nursery. These natural textured pots and planters in a classic shape are perfect for your home.

    Leafy Planter Pots – Set of 2

    219.00 499.00
    a beautiful set of planters with embossed motifs for that decorative touch. Subtle but stylish, sure to be the centre of attraction in any garden.

    Verdant Planter Pots – Set of 2

    319.00 1,419.00
    The perfect fit for your interior plants and outdoor landscaping, with their modern design. The earthy colours and textures are chosen carefully to compliment your lifestyle.

    key features

    features that make our product with bamboo fibers stand out from the rest.

    switch to eco friendly sustainable pots for a better future

    A house is not pretty enough without nursery pots and plants. Why not use eco friendly pots for this décor? Our eco friendly plant pots, flower pots, nursery pots are earth friendly pots. They are also environmentally friendly plant pots which you can use outdoor or indoor.

    They are sustainable flower pots lasting long lives. These eco friendly garden pots will give a fabulous look to your home interior or exterior. We have designed them to be environmentally friendly pots for plants and we have them in various sizes from small to large to suit your indoor and outdoor needs.

    They are safe for your plants health and have drainage to prevent water logging. The colours of our earth friendly pots will blend into any wall colour making our pots your ideal choice for decorating your gardens.

    how are the quality and durability of eco friendly plant pots?

    Eco-friendly plant pots are designed for a specific purpose and come with better quality than a mere plastic pot. They have a good texture, colour and vibe about them that is not offered in ordinary plastic pots. They are quality tested to bear appropriate load. Further, our pots are designed to drain excess water akin to the hole in a mud pot. Because of blending with organic fibres, they also last long and have higher durability.


    what all way, eco friendly pots can be used?

    You can choose from a wide variety of green products as your gift ideas–

    • designer pots to be used as storage containers for other statues and paraphernalia
    • can grow cactus, vine varieties, bonsai, and indoor and outdoor plants
    • they can accommodate prolonged sunlight exposure in Indian conditions without losing their sheen due to the blended fiber content and pigment stabilisation. Usual plastic pots lose their sheen with time.
    eco friendly products

    FAQs about the eco friendly plant pots

    Q. Are eco-friendly pots sustainable

    Yes, they cause little to no harm on the environment and thus save the environment from damage. This ensures that future generations can enjoy the same benefits of a clean environment; hence they are sustainable. They are associated with zero wastage in the manufacturing process and are hence conservative on waste management.

    Q. Are eco-friendly products more expensive than regular products?

    Generally, that is true. However, there are certain businesses that specialise in the making of eco-friendly products. Since they can achieve economies of scale on eco-friendly products, they can sell them at competitive prices to regular products. Hence while buying eco-friendly products, check whether the company is mainly manufacturing eco-friendly products. Our pots are competitively priced to the ordinary pots available in the market and on bulk orders, can even beat the price competition.

    Q. Are eco-friendly products, green products, sustainable products, environmentally friendly products, and earth friendly products the same?

    Yes, because they help in preserving the natural state of the environment by consuming minimal resources and not wasting materials. See on eha our eco friendly products list and appreciate how the company and its products are sustainable. These interchangeable words all imply that our potting products are friendly to the environment and hence to your plants as well.

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