Reducing carbon footprint for a cleaner India

India is one of the largest exporters of agricultural produce but farming is a huge challenge due to the high dependence on monsoon rains in most parts of India. The third pole of ice in the Tibetan Himalayas is fast melting, thanks to climate change. A national program of building canals to connect the river basins all over the country is still in the draft phase. Farmer suicide is not unheard of especially since supply and distribution chains are not well established in this segment.

However, environmental science with satellite imagery, biocomposite materials using crop residue, improving soil quality by natural methods, etc are slowly becoming more popular. A huge amount of carbon footprint is produced by burning crop waste each year in India. We at eha are leaders in biocomposite materials and products. We value the husk as much as the grain and our wide range of turtle products with up to 50% crop residue and our beetle range with 100% crop residue provide you with homeware to toys. We enhance environmental sustainability at eha and prevent environmental issues from blowing out of proportion. We want to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels for making virgin plastic and consuming it in a linear economy. We resort to a circular economy of little virgin plastic, more recycled plastic, and above all, decrease the farmer’s drought by providing even for his waste. We and now you, at eha together reduce the carbon footprint to make India cleaner and greener.