About Us

Committed to sustainable outcomes

The eha is so much more than just a product. It is an opportunity for every individual to take little steps in protecting the lives, communities and the nature at large. It is a unique fusion of material science and information technology to mitigate the risks of climate change. eha is stemmed from many years of hardship with ground-up research and validation across various industries and global markets. 

Our manufacturing process is quite extensive. From procuring the agri-waste materials sustainably, to processing them and moulding them into the eha product that you see here, it takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that our product is the best in terms of safety and sustainability with superior quality. It is a result of years of innovating and fine-tuning our processes, till we arrived at the right solution. This is all possible with the great support we get from our partners who share similar values and synergy.

Our eha product footprints are stored in our proprietary technology developed with most advanced blockchain, mobile and cloud technologies. Each eha product comes with unique QR code, which when scanned provide you authentic information about the product’s history of making, sustainability footprint, usage guidelines and safety certificate. This creates trust in the product. Going further, the technology enables you to return the product to us for recycling anytime after extensive use and win incentives that can be used on subsequent purchases of eha products. The returned products are then recycled and given new life at our facility.

We understand that eha products are investment for our sustainable future. It helps our next generations to inherit good earth from us. When you buy an eha product, you reduce climate change, support farmers welfare and protect your loved ones. When you return the eha products for recycling after extensive use, you reduce plastic pollution, reduce climate change and get incentives.

You must be wondering about the team behind eha. Well, we are a bunch of mostly tech-savvy people with passion to deliver sustainable outcomes. Our team is camera-shy and we are working hard to get them in front of the camera. Soon, you will meet them here.

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